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Major Funded Initiatives

The Pioneer Network was created in 1997 to, without bias, develop cross-disciplinary partnerships, collaborations, and networks to advance culture change. Throughout its first decade, Pioneer Network has met with tremendous success in achieving these goals and advocating for a person-directed model of care that places more of the locus of control and decision making in the hands of care recipients and direct care providers. As the Pioneer Network moves into its second decade, its focus is on nationwide adoption of consumer-directed models and on supportive implementation strategies involving more professionals in the field. To achieve these goals, Pioneer Network is currently partnering with The Commonwealth Fund and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on several initiatives. Highlights include:

The Commonwealth Fund sponsored initiatives:  

Finalize and Evaluate Core Competencies in Medical Direction; Extend the Leadership Role of Medical Directors (read more).

Convened, along with The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Creating Home in the Nursing Home: A National Symposium on Culture Change and the Environment Requirements so that stakeholders can come to a common understanding, national policies and practices can be considered, and recommendations for the future discussed (read more). 

Facilitate and coordinate follow-up activities to the Creating Home Symposium (read more). 

Create Nursing Core Competencies in Person-centered Care (read more).

Articulate the Case for Adoption to support the link between quality and cost efficiency/profitability outcomes at an operational level for homes practicing innovation and person-centered care (read more).

Develop a Web-based National Clearinghouse, Online Resource, and Project Website to Foster Dissemination of Results, Education, and Training; and to Provide Tools and Guidance in Person-centered Care (read more).

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored initiative:

Create online conference sessions and a virtual meeting place so that those who have an interest in the financing and delivery of person-directed care through small houses, and those who have experience in providing related services to other population groups can begin working together and learning from one another (read more).

The Picker Institute Sponsored Initiative
Creating Home: Advocating for Change in How and Where We Live

To plan and implement a consumer education initiative to increase consumers' knowledge about long-term care and culture change. Phase One, conducted in 2009, included the development and piloting of a curriculum for educating consumers. Over 500 consumers participated in small group discussion meetings in four states. All indicators showed that consumers who participated did indeed gain knowledge about culture change, as well as learn about the difference between a traditional nursing home and one that practices person-directed care. They also provided positive feedback on the meeting format and were interested in learning more about culture change. Phase Two, implemented in 2010-11, revised the curriculum based on the feedback from the pilot, expanded the consumer meetings to 22 states, prepared a pilot for a consumer outreach program with elder law attorneys and financial planners, and disseminated multiple modalities to share information with consumers about culture change (read more).