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Idaho Culture Change Coalition

Contact Information

Traci Treasure

Cindy Dawson



Idaho iCARE was founded in 2011 by partners from the local QIO, state trade association (IHCA) and a Pioneer Network representative. Additional partnerships were formed with the state ombudsman, state survey agency, and other interested organizations such as the Alzheimer's Association, Idaho Alzheimer's Planning Group, AARP, and Friends in Action (a local non-profit that supports family caregivers). The first few years the organization was housed at IHCA and recently became more independent by affiliating with a local university center. Idaho iCARE (Individualized Care for All Residents) seeks to create, promote and sustain an enriched quality of life for individuals and caregivers in long-term care communities.

Organizational Structure

Idaho iCARE is organized as an independent coalition affiliated with the Boise State University Centers for the Study of Aging with participating partners from the state trade association, QIN-QIO, state survey agency, state ombudsman, non-profit organizations and care facilities.


Funding is primarily in-kind donations from partners. CMP funds have been used for one educational event to provide reimbursement to participants via a scholarship application process managed by the state survey agency.

2014 Accomplishments
  • Hosted a Pioneer Network On-the-Road event "Hearing the Voice of Persons with Dementia" in November 2014. About 60% of the homes in the state sent teams to attend the event. Other attendees included a large representative group from the state survey agency, the local Alzheimer's Association, and many other local partners. Nursing home teams that applied for and received CMP-funded scholarships were able to be reimbursed for their registration fee and travel expenses.
  • Created a website and a consumer guide to choosing long term care that supports individual choice and a person-centered philosophy. In 2015 Idaho iCARE plans to promote the Music and Memory program as a means to bring together communities in an innovative approach to person-centered dementia care and reduced use of antipsychotic medications.