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New Hampshire Culture Change Coalition

Contact Information
Darlene Cray


The New Hampshire Culture Change Coalition formed in July 2009. The coalition has provided mentorship and resources to all stakeholders associated with Long Term Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living communities in New Hampshire who desire to improve the Quality of Life, Quality of Care and Empowerment of people within those communities. The New Hampshire Culture Change Coalition provides this support through education, recognition and fund-raising efforts.

Organizational Structure
The coalition is governed by a Board of Directors.

In 2012, the Coalition received an honorarium through the Pioneer Network with funding from The Retirement Research Foundation to hold Learning Collaborative Sessions and educational opportunities within the State. The name of the project was "Using the MDS 3.0 as the Engine for Providing High Quality Individualized Care". The initiative focused on foundational organizational practices and the "how to's" necessary to meet CMS initiatives related to Individualized Care. Though the project ended, the Learning Collaborative Sessions continue to be offered as a result of organizations desiring this education.

2014 Accomplishments
  • Engaged in a statewide campaign to eliminate the use of personal alarms in long-term care settings. Education and support are provided to homes that are seeking to improve fall reduction and safety while at the same time increasing the mobility of residents and elders within an alarm free environment.
  • Continued to offer the Pioneer Network Learning Collaborative Sessions and participated in the Phase II: Harvest and Spread project.
  • Began working with the regional Quality Improvement Network to assist with the convening of the Advancing Excellence Local Area Network for Excellence (LANE).