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Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition

Contact Information

Laura Roy

Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition brochure

The Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition is the oldest culture change coalition in the country. It began in 1999 when then PA Auditor General Robert Casey, Jr. convened a symposium on staffing issues related to long-term care of the elderly. Mary Ann Kelly from the Southwest Pennsylvania Partnership on Aging (SWPPA) served on the symposium planning committee and in 2000 gathered a group of "innovative managers, major elder care associations, unions, advocacy organizations and professional associations" to establish the Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition. In 2001 SWPPA was awarded a $500,000 5-year grant from the McCune Foundation to educate both providers and consumers on culture change. Mary Ann Kelly, Heather (Mayger) Sedlacko and Joe Angelelli of the Pioneer Network took the culture change message to a number of other states which spurred the development of more state culture change coalitions.

Organizational Structure

The Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization. It is governed by a 15-person Board of Directors which includes a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary as well as representatives from each of the regions (western, mid-state and eastern).  


The Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition is entirely self-funded. Revenue to sustain the work of the Coalition is generated by the Annual Accord through sponsorships, exhibitors and vendors. 

2014 Accomplishments

  • The PA Culture Change Coalition held its 10th Annual Culture Change ACCORD—"It's a Wonderful Life"—in Valley Forge, PA. Three hundred participants were inspired by Carmen Bowman as our keynote speaker during this daylong event. The event also included eight breakout sessions.
  • Conducted four Regional Educational Events across the state free of charge. 2014 saw incredible growth in our reach as we grew from 18 sites in 2013 to 31 sites by the end of the year. The additional sites along with the WebEx technology enable more individuals to attend in a location close to where they work which has increased the Coalition's reach and ultimately the advancement of person centered care. Over 635 individuals were reached through the educational events.
  • Hosted the Pioneer Network's "On the Road" intensive workshop, "Key Practices for QAPI Success" presented by Barbara Frank in March which was exceptional.
  • A Coalition Board Member represents the PA Culture Change Coalition on the Advancing Excellence PA LANE.
  • As the oldest Culture Change Coalition, the Board felt it was important to put our history down in writing. That history was written by outgoing President, Kay Lynne Ege.