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Vermont Culture Change Coalition and LANE

Contact Information

Sherry Callahan

The Vermont Gold Star Council formed in 2004 to focus on improving staff satisfaction and retention.  In 2011 the Gold Star Council became the Vermont Local Area Network of Excellence to further advance its goals around other elements of culture change in nursing facilities. The LANE is a statewide coalition of stakeholders, and acts as the central organization within the state to support participating nursing facilities in achieving their clinical and organizational goals and help Advancing Excellence succeed. The LANE provides a foundation for stakeholders to discuss and implement culture change initiatives. 

Organizational Structure
Vermont Health Care Association is the LANE Convener for Vermont as well as the Culture Change Coalition Convener.  Members of the Culture Change Coalition include Vermont Health Care Association; State Long Term Care Ombudsman; Vt. Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living; Quality Improvement Organization; and a consumer organization

No formal funding structure at this time.

2014 Accomplishments

  • Restructured our quarterly meetings to include education topics at each session. We had a particular focus this year on reducing unnecessary antipsychotic use. Education topics presented included: quality improvement closest to the resident; huddles; involving the LNAs in care planning; and consistent assignment.
  • Held a day long Advancing Excellence & Culture Change Conference with a session on Key Practices for QAPI Success that included results of the Pioneer Network National Learning Collaborative.