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Governance of State Coalitions

Developing a Shared Understanding 

Featured governance resources include coalition examples of by-laws and less formal organizational documents. Pioneer Network gratefully acknowledges the state coalitions for providing their documents for our website distribution. To share your coalition resources, contact Cathy Lieblich at or 312-224-2568.

"Developing a Shared Understanding" is one of the Key Elements to coalition success. Some coalitions have made a conscience decision not to develop a leadership structure or have by-laws but do have a coalition accord document and a shared understanding of how the group will work together. Most coalitions have defined how they will make decisions. Some coalitions have a Steering Committee and/or a Board of Directors if the coalition is incorporated as a 501 C-3 (not for profit) organization. These coalitions have identified a chairperson who is a strong leader with a strong public voice who models the behavior they wish to create. They have secured commitments from others present at the first meeting to be a member of the Steering Committee. Some coalitions have officers and other leadership positions, terms of office, etc. and have developed by-laws or another governing document for the Steering Committee. All Boards of Directors must have by-laws.

Examples of Coalition By-laws
California Culture Change Coalition By-laws
Colorado Culture Change Coalition By-laws
Illinois Pioneer Coalition By-laws
Main Culture Change Coalition By-laws
North Carolina Coalition for Long-Term Care Enhancement By-laws
South Carolina Alliance for Culture Change By-laws

Other Examples of Coalition Governance Documents
Florida Pioneer Network Culture Change Accord
Iowa Person Directed Care Coalition Purpose, Vision, Values, Goals and Objectives
Minnesota Culture Change Coalition Accord

Examples of Regional Group Structure Documents
PCCC-Regional Organizational Template