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Attending to Financial Issues

Key Elements of State Coalitions

Establish a coalition budget; form a Development/Fund-raising Committee; solicit local or state foundation and corporate grants (most foundations and corporations only award funds to 501 C-3 organizations so if your coalition is not one, explore using another organization's 501 C-3 status); determine other ways to raise revenue for Coalition activities (e.g., accessing Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) funds, registration fees, sponsorships and/or exhibitors for coalition conferences); decide whether the coalition will have a membership structure with fees.

Coalition Example - "IPC has received a portion of the CMP funds grant for the past 6 years and for FY 2008-2010, the IPC will receive the entire grant to further culture change in Illinois. Now that IPC is a 501 C-3 organization, we will be able to apply for grants. " Becky Haldorson, President, Illinois Pioneer Coalition