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Colorado Support for Culture Change

Survey Agency

The Colorado state survey agency's involvement with promoting culture change began in 2002 when Carmen Bowman (co-author of the CMS Artifacts of Culture Change tool), then a state surveyor, convinced the state agency to sponsor a one day workshop on culture change and the Pioneer Network movement. Carmen was a founding member of the state culture change coalition. State survey agency representatives continue their involvement with the coalition. They provide education to regulators and providers about culture change and regulations. Many surveyors have also attended Eden Associate training over the last five years.

Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

The Colorado State Long-term Care Ombudsman has provided training on culture change at the state ombudsmen conferences and ensures that all ombudsmen receive notice of culture change meetings and training opportunities across the state. Local ombudsmen participate both overtly and subtly in advancing culture change in their facilities. Colorado ombudsmen promote culture change in the following ways:

  • Serve on the Colorado Culture Change Coalition Board of Directors since 2002.
  • Promote positive outcomes of culture change to the Health Department, surveyors, CMS, etc.
  • Specially invite individual providers to specific culture change meetings/seminars and encourage them to bring specific staff for specific areas of training.
  • Email regional corporate representatives with information about culture change seminars explaining why the seminar is important for their leadership; asking them to forward the information to all of their buildings; and ask them to add all their administrators to the Coalition's e-mail list.
  • Provide education to ombudsman staff and volunteers.
  • Include culture change seminars as an optional source of required annual training.
  • Educate area agency on aging leadership including Advisory Councils.
  • Educate the public about culture change via information and referral calls.
  • Routinely talk about culture change to providers.
  • Invite facilities embracing traditional models to tour actively transforming homes.
  • Encourage informal networking and modeling opportunities.
  • Initiate specific training opportunities to special interest provider groups including social workers, activity directors, dietary, C.N.A.s, and resident/family councils.
  • Incorporate culture change principles in every training opportunity.
  • The Colorado Culture Change Coalition (CCCC) co-hosts an annual C.N.A. Leadership Conference with the profit and not-for-profit provider associations. The state ombudsman participates in the planning as both ombudsman and CCCC board member. Culture change and person-directed care education is included in every conference.