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Florida Support for Culture Change

Survey Agency

The state survey agency has used the funds from its Quality of Long Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund (CMP funds) since 2005 for innovative projects to improve the quality of care and quality of life of nursing home residents. The projects that have been funded so far fall into five categories: Improving the Dining Experience, Gardens or Outdoor Areas, Outdoor/Indoor Activity Equipment to Complement Culture Change Initiatives, Culture Change Education for Providers, Surveyors and Quality of Care Nurse Monitors, Dementia Care and the Environment. The agency is considering how it will use CMP funds in FY 2009-2010. The Florida Pioneer Network, partnering with the Florida Long Term Care Ombudsmen Council, has submitted a proposal for consideration; the project, if funded, will enable the Florida Pioneer Network to provide culture change training, coaching and a field manual to the Ombudsmen leadership in four pilot districts. A representative from the SSA is a member of the Florida Pioneer Network Steering Committee. The agency also conducts a "Culture Change Roundtable" periodically to facilitate discussion between providers and the agency about culture change issues. In 2009, the SSA brought Carmen Bowman to Florida to present at their regional Joint Training Sessions for Providers and Surveyors.

Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

The Florida State Long-term Care Ombudsman and the state trainer serve on the Florida Pioneer Network's Steering Committee. In 2003, they reached out to over 250 facilities to promote an informational meeting on Pioneer Practices in Orlando. In 2004, the ombudsman program sponsored regional seminars on culture change and person-centered care that featured Rose Marie Fagan, Eric Haider and Joanne Rader. In 2006, the LTCOP's fifth annual conference featured Dr. William Thomas, founder of the Eden Alternative, as its keynote speaker. In 2007, an article appeared in their newsletter about the Florida Pioneer Network's regional seminar featuring Joanne Rader Pioneer Practices are a key component as part of the LTCOP's long-term strategic plan. In 2008, the ombudsman program will co-sponsor educational programs with the Florida Pioneer Network and has invited Bonnie Kantor, Executive Director of the Pioneer Network and Cathy Lieblich, Director of the Florida Pioneer Network to speak at their statewide training.