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Westminster-Thurber Community

Additional Case Study Findings

Case study interviews exhibit a high level of congruence between stated goals of leadership and the support for those goals from residents, staff, Board and community members. Examples of these results are discussed below and illustrated in the above graph: 
  • 80% of staff and 100% of residents interviewed utilized words that describe Westminster as a cohesive unit (e.g. family, team, home).
  • A consistent finding in the Westminster case study was the importance that leaders place on modeling person-directed care practice for staff and elders. In interviews, 80% of the leadership team used the word "modeling" as the predominant method of mentoring staff in culture change.
  • As stated previously, 100% of staff and residents demonstrated understanding and knowledge of culture change principles. 

Corporate Support
One of Westminster's leadership team members was asked to train all the staff development educators at the corporate office. Westminster has now shared the curriculum with the entire OPRS organization and has made it available on the intranet for use at each specific community. The leadership team has been asked to travel to other communities to train the trainers at each site.

In September 2007, World Makers training was presented at the Annual AOPHA Conference. In February 2008, several colleagues from the leadership team presented as keynote speakers for the Ohio Directors of Nursing Association, sharing the results of their culture journey and the impact of this training.


  • Westminster sponsors many and various speakers to help improve the quality of life for elders (Community Involvement) as well as opening the World Makers training program to the greater community. Word of the training spread throughout Ohio and Westminster has received many inquiries regarding the training classes. Past participants have included elders from all levels of care, local university educators, family members, board members, and employees from others communities within the corporation. 
  • Westminster identifies local and state representatives and makes arrangements for residents to be exposed to them, both on campus and in the community. 
  • Westminster hosts political forums that address culture change. When issues are made at the local and state level, Westminster makes contact with legislators and invites officials to the campus to witness the needed changes or processes that speak to the importance of culture change and revision of policies. 
  • Westminster has developed a speakers bureau to speak on culture change.

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