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Organizations and Initiatives

Pioneer Network's website is designed to be a comprehensive and ever-expanding resource for culture change. Our intent is culture change information sharing. As a result, this list is not intended to be inclusive, and our posting of resources and links does not serve as an endorsement or imply that we represent these listings in any manner. To contribute resources, e-mail Amy Elliot at

Action Pact, Inc.
  Action Pact, Inc. is a company of trainers, consultants and educators who assist nursing homes and other elder care organizations in becoming resident-directed. They work with clients to redesign the way the organization itself functions, moving from traditional top-down management towards a collaborative effort of self-governing teams.

Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes
The Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Home Campaign is a major initiative of the Advancing Excellence in Long Term Care Collaborative. The Collaborative assists all stakeholders of long-term care supports and services to achieve the highest practicable level of physical, mental and psycho-social well-being for all individuals receiving long term care services.

Alzheimer's Association Learning Institute  The Alzheimer's Association Learning Institute offers a series of core courses on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. The courses, designed for healthcare professionals, offer the most updated and research validated information about Alzheimer's disease and dementia care.

American Association for Long Term Care Nursing The American Association for Long Term Care Nursing serves all levels of long-term care nursing staff to advance excellence and positive visibility in the specialty of LTC nursing. AALTCN offers educational programs and a certification program for Culture Change Nurse Coordinators.

American Health Care Association (AHCA) A federation of affiliated state health organizations, together representing more than 10,000 non-profit and for-profit assisted living, nursing facility, developmentally-disabled, and subacute care providers that care for more than 1.5 million elderly and disabled individuals nationally.

B & F Consulting B & F Consulting helps providers with the "how" of change by walking people through how to bring staff together, examine daily operations, and systematically reframe and re-organize the day-to-day of nursing home life. B & F customizes services to meet provider needs, whether it be stabilizing staffing, initiating or re-energizing culture change, or building systems to support quality improvement. B & F helps providers build skills and systems to support inclusive leadership, supportive workplace practices and resident-centered caregiving.

Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL) Fosters access to high quality assisted living by creating resources and acting as an objective resource center to facilitate quality improvement in assisted living, increasing the availability of research on quality in assisted living, and providing a national clearinghouse for information on assisted living. Resource for updated, evidence-based clinical information and assessment tools on a wide variety of important and practical topics, as well as a link to information on nursing education, and staff education. 

Dementia Action Alliance
The Dementia Action Alliance is committed to helping people live fully with dementia and supporting those who care about them. We are a volunteer coalition engaged in changing our nation's understanding of and attitudes about dementia through serving as a trusted source for education, conversations, and advocacy.

Direct Care Alliance (DCA)
  Founded in November 1998, the DCA's mission is to improve the quality of care for consumers through the creation of higher quality jobs and working conditions for direct-care paraprofessional workers. The DCA promotes recognition that direct-care paraprofessionals are the foundation of good care, particularly for long-term care clients.

The Eden Alternative  The Eden Alternative® ( The Eden Alternative is a training and consulting organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations embrace and implement culture change across the continuum of care.  The Eden Alternative works with elders and their care partners to eliminate the plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. The Eden Alternative promotes a set of principles and training strategies that transform places where Elders live into places where they live and thrive, not sterile medical institutions where people go to decline. Through its principle-based philosophy and training programs, The Eden Alternative is striving to remake the culture of aging in America and around the world. The Eden Alternative has trained more than 23,000 Eden Associates and has more than 200 Eden Registry homes in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

The Eden Alternative Vision: To eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

The Eden Alternative Mission: Improving the lives of the Elder and their Care Partners by transforming the communities where they live and work.

Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change  Edu-Catering caters education for compliance and culture change to the long-term care continuum via consultation, training at conferences, all-day workshops and webinars for national and state long term care associations, state culture change coalitions, state survey agencies, joint provider/surveyor trainings and state QIOs, and by hosting the monthly web talk show for Action Pact Conversations with Carmen.

Elder Cohousing Network  Cohousing is about the pioneering elders recreating a new version of the "old-fashioned neighborhood" - a community where neighbors know one another and help take care of each other. The Elder Cohousing Network provides a full range of services to help elder cohousing groups get started.

The Green House Project  The Green House ® Project offers a model for long-term care designed to look and feel like a real home. The Green House model represents deep transformation from the traditional nursing home philosophy, organizational structure and institutional environment to support meaningful lives for elders, empowered staff and a real home. This evidence-based model has been proven — through independent research — to be effective, feasible and sustainable. Through a collaborative process, THE GREEN HOUSE® Project supports the unique culture-change journey of each organization. Success is ensured by support in areas such as finance, regulations and design, as well as through innovative educational programs. Open Green House homes partner with each other and The Green Home Project to sustain transformation and continue to innovate.

IDEAS Institute  A premier resource of information and environment-behavioral research centered on improving care and quality of life for people with chronic forms of physical and cognitive decline, including, but not limited to, Alzheimer's disease.

Institute for Caregiver Education (IFCE)   A not-for-profit organization that provides continuing education and professional development opportunities for healthcare professionals, including a variety of literacy, language, and life skills training for entry level staff across all disciplines.

International Council on Active Aging (ICAA)  Founded in the belief that unifying the efforts of the organizations focused on older adults benefits both the people they reach and the organizations themselves. Today, the vision is shared by over 5,000 organizations connected to the ICAA network.

LeadingAge  A membership organization serving two million people every day through mission-driven, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to providing the services people need, when they need them, in the place they call home.

Long-Term Care Improvement Guide Developed by Planetree in partnership with Picker Institute, the Long-Term Care Improvement Guide was created in 2010 to propel long-term care communities in their improvement efforts. Informed by focus groups with residents and staff, executive interviews, and a series of site visits to organizations with well-established resident-centered cultures, the Guide features more than 250 concrete strategies for actualizing a resident-directed, relationship-centered approach and demonstrates how culture change makes an impact on operational, clinical and financial outcomes.  The featured strategies apply to Independent, Assisted Living, Short-term Rehabilitation and Nursing Home environments and are not specific to any one culture change model.  The Guide is designed to supports beginner to advanced resident-centered culture, with a self-assessment tool to help organizations prioritize initiatives and decide where to start and stretch goals that challenge sites to take change efforts to even greater heights.  Beyond a compendium of practices, the Guide also examines a defined process for engaging all stakeholders in creating, implementing and anchoring a community vision for change.  A myths and facts section dispels many common misconceptions about resident-centered care.  Features a foreword by Bonnie Kantor, former Executive Director of Pioneer Network, and Commentary by Dr. Bill Thomas.

Mather Lifeways
A unique not-for-profit organization based in Evanston, Illinois, just north of Chicago. We're dedicated to identifying, implementing, and sharing the best practices for wellness, workforce issues, memory care programs, and caregiver empowerment.  It's home to the LEAP program -- a comprehensive workforce development program that empowers staff, increases retention, and promotes staff-resident relationships through a model of person-centered care.

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care  An organization of consumers and advocates who define and achieve quality for people with long term needs.  Provides information and leadership on federal and state regulatory and legislative policy development, and helps develop models and strategies to improve care and life for residents of nursing homes and other long term care facilities.

National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA)  Founded in 1984, NGNA is dedicated to the clinical care of older adults across diverse care settings. NGNA's core purpose is to improve the quality of nursing care given to older adults.   Members include clinicians, educators, and researchers with vastly different educational preparation, clinical roles, and interest in practice issues.

NHRegsPlus This searchable website serves as a one-stop location to examine and compare the content of state regulations related to nursing homes, the processes of regulation and exceptions to regulations within a state, recent state changes, innovative nursing-home designs and programs that were accomplished within existing regulations, and innovative state regulatory initiatives.

PHI / Quality Care Through Quality Jobs  A non-profit organization working to strengthen the direct-care workforce within our nation's long-term care system through developing innovative approaches to recruitment, training, and supervision; client-centered caregiving practices; and effective public policy. 

Planetree The Planetree model of care is a patient-centered, holistic approach to healthcare, promoting mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical healing. The Planetree model is implemented in acute and critical care departments, emergency departments, long term care facilities, outpatient services, as well as ambulatory care and community health centers.

Second Wind Dreams  
Through the fulfillment of dreams and by offering innovative education opportunities to caregivers and communities, Second Wind Dreams® is changing society's perception of aging and empowering elders to age with dignity, hope and joy. Second Wind Dream's internationally acclaimed Virtual Dementia Tour® is a powerful and innovative sensitivity awareness experience being used as staff training and community education around the world.