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Research and Culture Change

As the umbrella organization for culture change efforts and person-directed care, Pioneer Network acts as a bi-directional conduit for multiple stakeholders including researchers, practitioners and policymakers. As the work of each of these groups progresses and evolves, one directive is perfectly clear. The need for evidence-based practice incorporating empirical findings on implementation, sustainability and outcomes of culture change is imperative to the future of culture change in long-term care.

Although Pioneer Network is not a research organization, our access to some of the most innovative and successful organizations implementing person-directed care and our relationships with well-established, senior researchers create opportunities to inform productive research design that is well-aligned with person-directed practice and can be adopted to create change.

As part of this work, Pioneer Network partners on several
Major Funded Initiatives, creates opportunities for researchers to network with each other, and continues to develop hypotheses and utilize data driven models to help highlight areas that would benefit from empirical research design.

Although there is still work to be done, the past and ongoing efforts to study culture change by top researchers in the country provide a strong, lasting foundation for future investigations.
Research Resources lists only a small fraction of this research base. Please check back in the coming months as the research focus of this website expands to include the following objectives:  
  • Continue to develop a comprehensive listing of research links and resources to describe and inventory research in culture change;
  • Spotlight several of these projects in academia and applied research; 
  • Provide a meeting place for researchers to discuss the complexities of this work and to progress towards a more general consensus in areas such as taxonomy, methodology and outcomes.

To contribute resources, become part of our research network or to share your story, contact Cathy Lieblich at