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Uniting Wonder With Wisdom

An Intergenerational Classroom Replication Guide

Uniting Wonder With Wisdom is a soft-cover book and DVD set to motivate, encourage and show you how to open an intergenerational classroom. Developed by Kansas State University Center on Aging, Uniting Wonder With Wisdom profiles intergenerational classrooms at Windsor Place in Coffeyville, Kansas, under the guidance of Monty Coffman.

What is an intergenerational classroom? Do you want to have such a classroom? How will you work with school and community to make it happen? How will you develop a plan to execute it? The goal of Uniting Wisdom with Wonder is to answer these questions in a helpful, thought-provoking way.

76 page soft-cover coil bound book
14 minute DVD

Stephanie Gfeller, MS
Kansas State University Center on Aging
Gayle Doll, PhD
Director, Kansas State University Center on Aging

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